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Thread: Powering the equipment on / off remotely

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    Question Powering the equipment on / off remotely

    Working remote is absolutely great, but I don't want to leave some critical gear (transceiver, computer, tuner, etc.) on for long unattended periods. This is where a remote ac switch seems to be the anwser.

    I am interested in any recommendations for this.

    But wait a minute: my Icom 756Pro3 has a power switch that actually (seems to) needs to be "depressed" in order to power up. Unless I am missing something, simply turning on AC power (locally or remotely) won't actually power up the radio. Or will it???

    Same on my desktop computer.
    I must be missing something and sorry if this question has been addressed many time previous.


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    Lightbulb Re: Powering the equipment on / off remotely

    Actually, a rather common question (so I've made this a Sticky, to keep it from getting lost in the crush of Posts).

    Some few radios (like the Yaesu FT-817) can be powered up automagically on connection, but not all radios have this capability (this is a feature the rig's manufacturer must have built into the rig). I don't know about your 756Pro3.

    There's an option under HRD's Options > Comms > Switch Off to switch off the radio when closing HRD. If supported by your rig, this usually will also power the rig up on connection. Give it a try and see what happens with your 756.

    See (click on) Thumbnail.
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    Default Re: Powering the equipment on / off remotely

    Your computer is no problem if you go into the bios and set it to auto repower after power cut window will restart if you switch the power off (not shut down via Windows)

    You could then just use a timer, but you can get a DTFM switch which switches the power off via the phone line, but I have a dedicated line for the radio - it might be a problem for your home line

    Kenwood TS2000 restarts just as you left it after restart.

    Cheers Peter

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    Default Re: Powering the equipment on / off remotely

    The 590 also has this feature built-in as well. Frank KG9H

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