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Thread: Remote power on/off the radio ICOM 910H

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    Default Remote power on/off the radio ICOM 910H

    hello, everyone, I am building a Cubesat Ground station for my school. the GS is required to be accessed through internet because its location is not convenient to get in. So I want to use HRD to control the radio and also the power. But the problem is once you turned off the radio, you have to touch the power button of the radio again to start. So how to power on the radio without touch the button? anyone can help ?

    I tried the Command Tester by the code : E0 60 18 01 but gave error. anyone knows the problem?

    any help will be appreciated !


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    Lightbulb Re: Remote power on/off the radio ICOM 910H

    If you haven't already done so, check the Thread at

    As stated in the Thread, not all rigs support software on/off, as this is a function that the rig manufacturers must have added to the rig. I don't know if the 910H supports this function.

    BTW, not a good idea to include your email address in a Post, as this allows the Spam Bots to latch on and start SPAMMING you.
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