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Thread: Yeasu FT450D & SL-USB

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    Question Yeasu FT450D & SL-USB

    How i must hookup my Yeasu FT450D

    I use the Signalink USB

    HRD works fine but now i need to hookup my Signalink to the radio, what must i do?

    Please help i like to work on digital mode.

    The HRD works already to my Yeasu, the CAT is not the problem but only the config of the Signalink

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    Cool Re: Yeasu FT450D & SL-USB

    You'll of course need the appropriate cable for the FT450D, which you should have selected when you purchased the SL-USB. Links to details on connecting the SL-USB, as well as setting up the SL-USB jumpers, can be found on Tigertronics SL-USB Support page at, along with links on configuring your audio settings. The SL-USB manual also contains much helpful info.

    BTW, I've Moved this to the SL-USB Forum, as that seems a more relevant Forum.

    Also, updated the Title to be a little more relevant to your issue.

    I don't have nor have I ever owned a 450D, so can't answer any specific questions relating to the rig.
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