I wanted to take a moment to let folks know what the status of the 5.21 release is.

For context, the 5.20 release was the release that moved the code base from Visual Studio 6 to Visual Studio 2010. That was a necessary step for us in order to continue support from Microsoft. Stated another way - it was our problem and didn't really benefit the users much aside from preparing the application for v6.0. That said, there were many beneficial things in 5.20. But at the end-of-the-day, we pulled this release because of the substantial problems (bugs, if you like) that came with it. That was 13-APR.

So we went back and prepared to deliver on a 5.21 release to clear up the mess we caused ourselves there. For the past ten days, I've been going through every shred of functionality personally. I've been working directly with our developers and the beta team. We find bugs, we fix them... and we move on to the next one. What I'm happy to say is that - after being an HRD user since about 2008 - things that never worked now work very well (more on that at release time). I'm currently using an alpha version of 5.21 and - in addition to things working better - the application just seems to run faster. Is it perfect? NO way. Is it better? Absolutely!

There are a few things that I want to resolve before we release this. I'm personally holding this until I'm satisfied. My current goal is to get this to the beta team by the weekend. We'll have about a week of beta-testing and then release it to the public. This will likely be the final free version of HRD.

Then we finish the conceptual work on v6.0. There are about 30-40 feature concepts that are candidates for v6.x. This will come in waves. Version 6.0 will introduce 3-4... 6.1 will introduce several more... and so on. But these features will be unique, meaningful, and should add substantial functionality to HRD. We'll be releasing a features roadmap prior to Dayton.

Thanks for your patience.

Mike, WA9PIE
(I'm always open to questions or comments via direct forum message or email at the address found on QRZ.com)