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    I'm new into HAM radio and have a Kenwood TS-450S/AT. I wanted to start working Digital HF problem is I have no idea how to connect the radio to the PC. I looked a t the manual but it explains how to connect the ACC2 to a TNC or a RTTY keyboard, now how do I make it work directly to the PC, so here is what i think is the way but wanted you to tell me if I'm right. So I connect the headphones output to the mic on the pc, then at the ACC2 on the radio I send the pin 3 (Left channel I suppose) and 4(R-Channel I suppose) (AF Input) to the sound output of the PC. Don;t know where to send the other pins

    The other way I can think of, is that instead of connecting the ACC2 I should do with the MIC on the radio. but the only PIN I understood was the MIC PIN 1 which I suppose I should send to the Sound output of the pc. I don;t have any idea where to send the GND (STBY), the GND (MIC), the NC, the STBY and the 8V pin.

    So that's it, I'm kind of confused.

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    The easiest way for me was to buy a RigBlaster Plus which has a extra cable you can buy already wired to connect to the ACC2 socket on my TS-570.

    I wouldn't connect the headphone jack to the mike input unless you have a way to reduce the level.
    If you have a Line In that is the one you would want to use.

    When I first started out, I just had a lead from Line Out to the mike input, of the rig, (with 1000:1 resistor dropping network)
    I also had a lead from Headphone out to Line In for audio.
    Not the best as you have no isolation, but it worked.
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