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  • Update Rates?

    There is a no-polling, no update mode. Is it possible to make that no-polling mode still be able to receive the selected formatted updates? With more and more controllers out there being able to be programmed for higher update rates than 1 sec this just sort of makes sense.

    1 second update rates should no longer be required to work around slower hardware. And it's pretty ugly to watch as well.

    Thank you,


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    Hey Ed could you wrap a little context around all that ??
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      Why should the controller have to be polled? That's an old way of doing serial data. Why shouldn't the controller just broadcast the required position update and the software do nothing more than listen for it? Think of UDP datagrams.

      With so many of the controllers being Arduino or PIC based this is an easy thing to do on the controller side. Nobody really uses a real Yaesu GS232b do they? But there are a growing number of user programmable GS-232B emulators out there.

      If existing programmable controllers don't support it now I'm sure they would eventually. On the Application side... Jus stop sending data that doesn't need to be sent and listen for the AZ updates.

      Along the same lines, it might be good to ensure baud rate limitations are bumped to at least 19200 if not there already.

      This is an old way of thinking that needs to be modernized.




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        UDP is a network protocol. Since most rotor controllers are serial or USB connected, UDP is not an option. Sure, the controller firmware could do as you suggest, but currently, how many with that functionality are on the market? It would be neat to have a total IP network of all the items in my station. Rig, Amp, SWR Meters, Band Pass Filters, Data Interfaces, Antenna Selectors, and of course Rotors, all with IP addresses, all manageable via web interfaces so I can configure update rates, IP addresses, software updates, etc, and all sharing data via UDP and TCP. Name one manufacturer of each. There's a lot of appliance operator hams out there. Many have issues configuring their station as it is with a sound card interface. Now we need to have them configuring a home Ham LAN?

        Also, would they all be wireless or wired? If wired, then now I need a 24 port switch for my station or more if I have multiple rigs. If wireless, then how many simultaneous connected devices can a home level WIFI node handle? Don't forget the kid's/wife's devices. Also, now I have the complexity of a home LAN to manage. (FWIW, I am a network engineer and have 3, 10 port, fiber interconnected, managed Cisco switches in my home as well as a Cisco ASA Firewall to assure security and connectability to my network. I also use a multi access point MIMO wireless system with strong encryption and access standards. Most home users don't know the difference between DNS and DHCP. I can't imagine a software provider wanting to tackle that without major resources!)

        Also, like I said in the first paragraph, most controllers are connected via old fashioned RS-232 Serial ports or USB. Which is still serial protocols. The software (HRD Rotor/SatTracker) is not the issue. It's the software interface controller in the rotor controller. It would be up to the supplier of that rotor controller and the firmware running therein to perform what you suggest. They are not there yet - for the most part (not saying they can't do it, just that they aren't!). Then there's also legacy controllers that still need to be supported.

        A poll of current status certainly need to be sent in order to receive the - well - current status. The number of bytes in that query/response (what a serial system is) is rather small relative to today's data streams. So there is no significant advantage to higher data speeds when you're talking about a 32 byte bi-directional exchange.

        Yes, I do use a Yaesu GS-232B for my rotor controller. Unless you wish to donate to the update of said system, it's going to stay that way for a long time. And this is a single example. How many Hams are using Hygain controllers with serial ports. Or the venerable Yaesu controller?

        How are you suggesting these people with older controllers working just dandy, part with both them and the cash necessary to upgrade to a non-polled, broadcasted status updated controller in a low data requirement system where no true advantage is achieved? Even at a Baud rate of 1200, the query/reply of the status of the rotor is a few milliseconds at the worst.

        Are we trying to find a solution to a non-existent problem?

        But you knew all this didn't you?

        Jim - KB1NXE
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